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Smartwatch Smartwatch
An indispensable accessory in today's digital technology era is: Smartwatch. A smart watch, also known as a smartwatch, is a wristwatch launched in 2010, so far in the world there have been more than 100 smart watch models with all models and designs. Products equipped with computers have superior functionality to timekeepers and are often compared to personal digital devices (PDAs). While early versions could perform basic tasks like calculations, translating or playing games, modern smartwatches are an effective "wrist computer". Many smartwatches run mobile phone applications, while a small number run mobile phone operating systems that act as modern music players, providing radio and music listening capabilities. and record files for the user via a Bluetooth headset. Some lines of smartwatches, also known as watch phones, are fully featured cell phones that can make or answer phone calls. So far, Samsung Gear S is the first smart watch product to have its own sim and make independent calls.
Functions and uses of smart watches Smartwatch
Smartwatches may include features such as a camera, accelerometer, thermometer, altimeter, barometer, compass, stopwatch, calculator, cell phone, display Touchscreens, GPS navigation, maps, graphics, speakers, calendars, clocks, SDcards, smart watches are recognized as computing storage devices and batteries. Smart watches can be controlled via wireless headsets, monitors, infrared, headsets, modulators, or other devices. Some smartwatches have a “sport watch” function with activity tracking features as in GPS watches (special sports watches designed for a sport) with diving, outdoor sports. Functions may include programs, workout schedules, lap times, speed displays, GPS tracking units, dive times, heart rate monitoring, Cadence sensor compatibility, and compatibility enjoy sports movements.
Like other computers, a smartwatch can collect information from internal or external sensors. It can control, or get data from, instruments or other computers. It can support wireless technology like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS.

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