The launch of iPad Gen 8 2020 was not unexpected with the design of the iPad with the old design, 3 colors (Gold, Silver, Gray) WiFi version and LTE version. There's still the home button and the Lightning port. iPad hardware uses the powerful Apple A12 chip with 40% more CPU performance. 10.2-inch screen, regular unibody aluminum border, with Touch ID Home button and of course use with the current Apple Pencil 1.

The big change comes from hardware performance, when the iPad Gen 8 2020 now uses the Apple A12 Bionic chip. This is the chip introduced by Apple in 2018 on the iPhone XS, XS Max. Or later iPad Air 2019 and iPad mini 2019. In fact, this is a chip that is still very powerful up to now with high processing speed CPU and GPU, Apple thinks it will make iPad 40% more powerful than Current top-selling Chromebooks are more than twice as powerful as some Windows laptops. Apple optimizes iPadOS for hardware very well, the operation of using the device is very rare with lag, delayed response. Or even for the Apple A10 Fusion chip on the iPad 7, although it is old, it still takes care of daily iPad usage thanks to the optimization of the software later.

With iPadOS 14, iPad Gen 8 2020 will have many features related to Apple Pencil such as handwriting into text, quickly deleting text or quickly highlighting text to copy + paste or do many other actions. Or you can handwrite according to date data, data to be able to save or set a schedule, make a quick phone call, etc.

Talking a little bit about handwriting to text, this feature called Scribble, it works very well allowing you to write continuously and the language will be converted to text instantly. Scribble also works with sections for you to enter text – for example, a place for you to enter website links, instead of touching and typing, you write directly on it, then it will convert to text for you to go to the web. or even search for something delicious.

The rear camera of the iPad Gen 8 is a regular 8MP, with a Smart Connector for use with the Smart Keyboard.

iPad Gen 8 2020 also features powerful Gigabit-class LTE, a 10-hour battery, and comes in the box with an 18W USB-C charger for faster charging.

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