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Surface Pen is one of the most important accessories for every Surface user. It allows users to flexibly perform many operations such as drawing, writing, taking quick notes, taking screenshots, etc.

Through many "generations", many changes and improvements, Surface Pen is increasingly able to meet the needs of users.

In this article, let's learn about this line of Microsoft styluses with QUEENMOBILE!

Surface Pen 

The first Surface Pen to use Wacom's Penabled technology was first released in 2012 along with the first Surface Pro. This pen is equipped with a physical button on the pen body that functions as a right mouse button when you operate on the screen with the Surface Pen.

In addition, it also has a rubber base at the end of the pen body that acts like a regular pencil eraser, allowing you to erase excess pen strokes on the screen. However, this pen model is only compatible with Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 and the accuracy of the pen is still relatively low.

After many improvements and transformations, in 2017 Microsoft released an upgraded version of this pen line with a starting price of $99.

but-surface-penStill possessing an appearance not too different from previous generations of Surface Pen with a solid metal body, a button on the pen body that acts as a right mouse, the eraser head is combined with features to quickly open applications such as 1-tap to open OneNote, double-tap to take a screenshot, long-press to use the virtual assistant Cortana, and a magnet to easily attach the pen to the edge of the screen . In addition, the pen also has many colors to choose from such as platinum gray, black, burgundy red, cobalt blue so you can choose according to your preferences.

However, this new Microsoft pen offers precise drawing, sketching and shading thanks to its ability to sense 4096 levels of pressure, up to 1024 degrees of tilt sensitivity, and a latency of just 21 milliseconds. can respond to even the lightest pen touches, something that has never been possible in previous generations of pens.

>>Real Surface Pen experience – so PERFECT

Thanks to that, users will get a natural feeling, just like when they are working on paper.

Surface Slim Pen

Although Microsoft's Surface Pen line has extremely good features, can meet most of the user's needs, there are still some points that users want to see improvement in this pen.

Perhaps that's why the launch of Surface Slim Pen in 2019 made a strong impression in the hearts of Surface users.


Not only possessing a luxurious and modern design that looks different from the previous generation, Slim pen is also added with extremely different features, helping to overcome the perceived disadvantages of the previous generation.

Instead of using AAAA batteries like the traditional Surface Pen line, Microsoft Surface Slim Pen has been equipped with a wireless charging support mode. can charge wirelessly. When not using the pen anymore, users just need to put this pen into the pen slot on the Surface Pro X keyboard and the pen can be automatically fully charged for the next use. Users will no longer need to buy AAAA batteries to replace each time the pen runs out of battery.

Also, if you don't use Surface ProX, but using pen generations like Pro 7, Pro 6 or even other generations like Surface Book, Surface Laptop can still use this pen, and charge the pen easily with just a USB Type charger. -C.

In addition, compatibility on Microsoft's Office applications has also been improved, allowing users to delete, insert, and add text in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files more easily.

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