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5 reasons why you should own a Surface Laptop right away

Microsoft is always the technology giant that pleases its customers the most today, listening to feedback from customers using Surface Pro tablet-laptop products, Microsoft has continued to launch a traditional laptop model. - Surface Laptop.

This is Microsoft's new Surface laptop model in a minimalist design language, making everything as simple as possible, to exude luxury and class for users who need a traditional laptop. There are too many attractive points in Surface Laptop, in today's article, the shop will point out the attractive and worth-for-money points in this laptop.

The beautiful and luxurious Surface Laptop design comes from simplicity
As the name suggests, Surface Laptop – this is a true traditional laptop model from Microsoft. The form is designed in the familiar language of all current laptops.

For users who like to experience a laptop, the Surface Laptop is a great choice, instead of using a Surface Pro device - giving the experience the feeling of using a table, a tablet more than a laptop. Use a laptop to work and study.

Tablets, of course, are more about entertainment.
The design of Surface Laptop is very simple, all about made of solid CNC-cut aluminum shell, slightly curved edges. The machine is quite square, compact. In the middle of the machine is the Microsoft logo. The back of the machine has 4 rubber feet to help grip the table better.



The keyboard of the device is used with high-quality Alcantara fabric similar to luxury luxury clothing models such as Gucci, LX. This is understandable because the price of Surface Laptop is quite high, the company considers the segment of Surface Laptop to be aimed at high-end users, so the use of high-quality materials also helps to have a better user experience.
Overall, the machine is also very compact, just fit with 1 sheet of A4 size paper, with 12.13″ x 8.79″ x .57″ (308.1 mm x 223.27 mm x 14.48 mm) in 3 dimensions.


Surface Laptop screen is big enough, beautiful enough and usable

Surface Laptop is equipped with a 13.5-inch screen, 2K resolution of 2256 x 1504 pixels, for a good pixel density of 201 PPI. The device uses PixelSense screen technology and an IPS screen covered with Gorilla Glass 3 to help increase the durability of the laptop screen.

In addition, the device is still equipped with a 10-point touch screen. The 3:2 screen ratio is also better optimized for displayed content – ​​helping users use the Surface Laptop better.

Having touch also helps change the way users use laptops. Instead of having to use the mouse continuously, we can completely swipe and touch the touch screen on the screen to operate much faster.


Surface Laptop configuration is not too terrible but still has enough power to use

Because it is a laptop aimed at office users and students, priority is given to the convenience of moving rather than sitting in one place to handle graphic video jobs, run heavy and complex applications.

Therefore, the configuration of the Surface Laptop is only mid-range, with the 7th generation intel core i CPU chip Kaby Lake i5 or i7. RAM capacity from 4 gb 8gb up to 16 gb. Graphics card on intel 620 for i5 version and iris plus 640 for i7 version.

The machine is available with 128 256 512 gb and 1 TB SSD hard drives for users to comfortably use. It should be further noted that Surface Laptop uses standard U.2 SSD hard drive with super-fast Nvme - PCl connection speed, providing smooth application launch speed - 2-3 times faster than normal SSD speed. on other popular laptop models

Surface Laptop features a lot of new things

Surface Laptop is equipped with windows 10 hello, which can be opened with facial recognition scanning. In addition, the machine is also equipped with Windows 10S operating system - this is a closed operating system like Mac OS to help Microsoft optimize the software and hardware of the machine, restricting 1rd parties from creating applications. Not Surface Laptop friendly.

However, the Windows Store application store on Windows 10S is really poor, so if you have a need to use a basic machine, you should use Windows 10S, and if you have a need to use a slightly higher machine, you should. consider upgrading win 1s to win 10 HOME or pro to be able to use full features of traditional windows

Surface Laptop battery life is extremely "buffalo"
Because the machine is equipped with win 10S, the battery life of Surface Laptop is really a monster. The device can stay on screen continuously for more than 12 hours.

If using heavy tasks, the device is still ok, carefree to use for more than 8 hours - fully satisfying more than 1 full working day of the user. Accompanied by the charger of the Surface Laptop is very compact, so it is easier to bring.

Surface Laptop is a traditional laptop model that is worth buying at the present time. This is the most perfect model ever from Microsoft to redefine for windows users as well as other laptop manufacturers what a real laptop model of the future will look like.

It can be seen that the success of Surface Laptop will soon open a new direction for laptop devices in the future: a compact laptop, high-quality materials, many attractive features, screen, powerful enough configuration and 1 battery life must be really great. All have converged in Surface Laptop.

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