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Surface Pro 7" design

As for Surface Pro in general and Surface Pro 7 in particular, the overall design of these models cannot be confused with any other models on the market today thanks to the back design with a foldable Kick Stand. open 165 degrees.

However, that's not what I want to say about the design of the Surface Pro 7. No need to hold it in hand, just looking at the image, you can see that the overall design of the Surface Pro 7 seems to be unremarkable. different from the predecessor Pro 6. From the size, weight to the position of the connection ports, the power button has not changed. Microsoft has been faithful to this design for the past 7 years since the first Surface Pro.

With Surface Pro 7, the machine has a measurement of 3 rounds of 292 x 201 x 8,5mm respectively with a metal frame made of aluminum alloy with 2 colors: Platinum silver currently on his desk and Black color. The weight of the machine is only 770 grams. , so users can safely carry this device everywhere without worrying about them being too heavy or too thick.

Gia-surface-pro-7-cuType Cover external keyboard

With the Type Cover keyboard, we can easily disassemble it to connect to the computer through the Cover Port port on the bottom edge of the machine to turn the tablet into a real Windows-based laptop.

In terms of typing feeling, Type Cover feels like typing not inferior to any expensive laptop, the key travel is just enough, not too shallow, so the typing feeling is quite good. During typing, this keyboard makes very little noise, so we are not afraid to affect the people around.

It would be no exaggeration if I said that the TouchPad integrated on the Type Cover keyboard is not inferior to the thousand-dollar Macbook in terms of sensitivity and accuracy.

>>Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – thank goodness USB – C is here!!!

Connectors and speakers

The design has not changed, but the connection port is a big change for Surface Pro 7. Fortunately, the manufacturer has replaced the Mini DisplayPort port with USB Type C, along with that we still have 1 more. USB-A port, 3.5 audio jack and 1 memory card slot are hidden below the Kick Stand.

However, what I want to discuss more with you is the USB-C port. With USB-C on Surface Pro 7, we seem to be able to do everything from outputting images to a 4K screen, exchange data or even act as a charging port for the device. It can be considered as all integrated into one

In terms of entertainment, the manufacturer only equips a pair of speakers with a total capacity of 1.6W for Pro 7, a very modest number compared to rivals from HP, Dell or even Apple. However, in theory it is, but in actual experience, this pair of speakers gives a sufficient volume to use, not too loud. In return, the sound quality is quite warm and meets most of the basic entertainment needs.



Surface Pro 7" screen

On Surface Pro 7, the screen of the machine does not seem to have changed compared to the elder Surface Pro 6, still a 12.3-inch screen with a resolution of 2736 x 1824 pixels. The screen panel used is an IPS panel manufactured by LG combined with exclusive Pixel Sense technology, so the display quality of Surface Pro 7 is nothing to complain about. The color of the machine is quite realistic, the viewing angle is wide, the brightness is up to 470 Nits, so using this machine outdoors is not a big obstacle.

Regarding the color standard, according to the laptop review site, Surface Pro 7 has a color standard of 93% of the sRGB color space, we can completely trust to do commercial photos on this machine.


Camera is something that Microsoft has never paid much attention to, it seems that they only equip Surface Pro with enough ''parts'', jokingly speaking, but in fact, tablet users do not pay much attention to Camera. where. Except for Apple, they are willing to carry all the Camera clusters from iPhone to iPad and the quality is true, they are number 1.

With Surface Pro 7, the manufacturer equips an 8Mpx sensor for the main camera and 5Mpx for the secondary camera. Generally with these 2 cameras they will perform tasks such as Windows Hello face unlock or video calling.

Hardware configuration

Surface Pro 7 launched with the latest generation processor from Intel with the code name Ice Lake. Basically, this is still a power-saving chip, but the number of cores and threads has been increased and is manufactured based on the 10nm process.

With Surface Pro 7, Microsoft gives users 3 configuration options including Core i3-i5 and i7 and hard drive options from 128GB to 1TB, Ram 8 or 16GB.

A note to you is that all Surface Pro series do not have discrete graphics cards but are only equipped with Intel UHD or Intel Iris Plus integrated graphics cards.

Actual performance

Surely when you hear the configuration parameters of the machine, you are very curious to see how the actual performance of this Surface Pro 7 is, right?

CPU scoring test with GeekBench 5, the i5-1035G4 chip gives a bad score with 1210 single-core points and nearly 4400 multi-core points. Beat the i7-8550U chip on the 1 ThinkPad X2018 Carbon and surpass the 13 Macbook Pro 2018 according to the NotebookCheck comparison table. Really impressive

Testing the read and write speed of the hard drive with Crystal Disk software, Surface Pro 7 gave read and write results of 1.6GB/s and 0.3GB/s, respectively. A mid-range number that is not too prominent at the moment.

Ability to work in the office, basic entertainment

If you are a businessman who often has to move, meet customers or you are an office worker attached to Office suites such as Word, Excel, Misa... then choosing Surface Pro 7 is the right thing. It is difficult to find a laptop-tablet hybrid that is both thin and light with a powerful configuration like this Surface Pro 7.

With AutoCAD for those who are working in the field of construction, Surface Pro 7 can read blueprints and edit smoothly, the file loading process is also quite fast, so it does not create discomfort for users. .

In general, with basic office applications, Surface Pro 7 can respond very easily and without boredom with any office App at all.

In terms of entertainment capabilities, the Pro 7 is no less than the iPad running iOS, except that the Microsoft application store is a bit poor, not as rich as the AppStore.

Popular game titles on mobile platforms are posted to the Store and you can download and play as smoothly as an iPad.

Or if you like to play some of today's popular games like Lol, the Surface Pro 7 still responds easily, but please pay attention to the temperature of the machine during the game.

Battery life

Meeting the compact, powerful and large battery capacity is also a difficult problem. However, no matter how difficult it is, Microsoft still has their own solution. Indeed, Surface Pro 7 has a built-in 45Wh battery, accompanied by a 65W fast charger through the Surface Connect port, significantly shortening the charging time. Specifically, according to the manufacturer's announcement, the actual usage time of the Pro 7 is about 10 hours and it takes 1.5 hours to fully charge the battery for the device.


With a tablet cum laptop inheriting all the features of Windows, Surface Pro 7 deserves to be the most ideal machine for those who work in the office need a compact but equally powerful machine.

Besides some unimproved points such as the old design, thick screen border, limited heat dissipation, but in my opinion, this is a very good machine and well worth the experience.

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