Surface ProX

1. Overall design:

The design of the Surface Pro X is what has burned the hearts of many Surface fans. Surface ProX was favored by the manufacturer to put on a luxurious and sexy "suit" that no Surface Pro had ever had before. We have a newly designed Laptop hybrid tablet with a monolithic aluminum shell and a dominant black tone. The machine's heat sink slot has been completely removed, no longer like on the Surface Pro 6 or Surface Pro 7 generations, which means that the overall size of the machine is significantly reduced. With Surface Pro X, measuring 3 rounds is 208 x 287 x 73 mm, weighing only 760 grams, significantly smaller than iPad Pro 12.9 while the screen sizes of the two machines are similar.

For Surface Pro X, the manufacturer has refreshed the edge of the machine by curving the edges so that when users are in tablet mode, it is more comfortable to hold.

The position of the connection ports, the charging port as well as the physical buttons are also rearranged. The left side of the device is the appearance of volume up and down buttons, two USB-Type C ports and no 3.5mm headphone jack, which is quite unfortunate for those who have the habit of listening to music through 3.5 headphones. On the opposite side, we only have the power button and the Surface Connect charging port. The position of the keyboard connector is still arranged on the bottom edge, but according to my observations, the connection jack on the Pro X is different from the connection jack of Pro 7, ie those who are using the next generation keyboard. The old version will not be able to be used with the Surface Pro X, but must spend an additional $ 269 to own the new generation Ancartara keyboard.



Returning to the back of the device is the appearance of the Camera and the shiny Microsoft logo.

The stand of the Pro X has been slightly redesigned to provide significantly more sturdiness than the Pro 7. And the special thing is hidden underneath of this stand. That is, the manufacturer has integrated a 4G LTE Sim slot with a removable and replaceable hard drive.

A detail that satisfies many users with large data storage needs.

In general, about the design of Surface Pro X, this can be considered a breakthrough of the Surface Pro line throughout the years, we have a tablet that is thinner, lighter and more upgradeable. any other competitor.

2. Signature Keyboard and Slim Pen

For a 2-in-1 tablet like Surface Pro X, it would be remiss if we didn't buy her a keyboard set to turn this machine into a real Windows Laptop. When I bought this machine, I immediately bought her a new keyboard set specifically designed by Microsoft for this Pro X, a keyboard set called Signature Keyboard and inside is a new generation Slim Pen. new.

>>Surface Pro X – Slimmer, lighter, sexier design

The point that we will feel first on this new keyboard is significantly more solid and sturdy compared to the old generation keyboard equipped with the Surface Pro 7 series. With the Signature Keyboard, the material The main theme is still high-quality Ancartara fabric, but the new design is something worth talking about. It is still a folding mechanism and attaches to the computer through a physical connection port, but below the manufacturer has cleverly hidden the Slim Pen pen into a small groove so that users can more easily use the pen as well as not. Worried about losing this expensive pen.

The typing feeling or key travel is also nothing to complain about, fast, jump and good response are the things that we want to comment on this keyboard.

Speaking of Slim Pen, the most impressive point is the extremely compact design, but the grip experience is not as comfortable as the Surface Pen. In return, with Slim Pen, Pro X users can be more flexible in taking notes, writing, or even using it to control presentation slides instead of projector controls that we often use. With Slim Pen, we also do not need to worry about running out of battery because the groove on the key has taken over the role of wireless charging for the pen, very modern.

Regarding the TouchPad, it is still basically the same as the old generation TouchPad, extremely sensitive and accurate. However, the limitation that makes users most uncomfortable is that every time you click, the click sound is a bit cheap and the size of the TouchPad is a bit small, if Microsoft invests in a larger TouchPad, it will be a huge plus. . Hopefully Microsoft will realize the shortcomings that still exist on this keyboard set and change it soon in the near future.

3. Connector-Speaker

As a device with a design direction of the future, that's why Microsoft directly removed unnecessary connection ports, but only designed 2 USB Type C ports that allow users to copy data, export Image output 2 4K screens at the same time or charge for this Pro X

The limitation is that the USB-C port of the machine does not support Thunderbolt 3 but only USB-C 3.1, so the data transfer speed is only half of the current thunderbolt connection standard.

But anyway, it is commendable for Microsoft because they have removed the mini Displayport port, the connection port that I consider to be the most useless invention of mankind.

Speakers are a commendable thing on Surface ProX, the first is the design that is in harmony with the overall design when the manufacturer cleverly places the speaker in the screen border on both sides. The sound quality of this pair of Stereo speakers stops at the basic level of entertainment, the volume is enough to use, not too loud to compensate for the sound that is reproduced realistically and has the ability to reproduce surround sound.

4. Surface Pro Display X

The next thing worth talking about on the Surface Pro X is nothing but the screen of the machine. Admittedly, the manufacturer has played big when bringing us a machine with the thinnest screen border in the Surface Pro generations ever. On the newly launched Surface Pro 7, I can't understand why Microsoft deliberately didn't change the design of the machine, looking at them is like looking at machines designed decades ago with no screen borders. thicker body. But Surface Pro X is different, thinner, sexier and makes users fall in love at first sight.

In terms of display quality, Surface Pro X is not inferior to any competitor, even the iPad Pro 12.9. With a 13-inch screen size of 3:2, a resolution of 2880x1920px and a pixel density of up to 267PPI, the screen of Surface Pro X offers excellent display quality, extremely sharp images, and colors. Colors and contrasts are reproduced faithfully thanks to exclusive Pixel Sense technology. Especially the brightness is up to 450Nits, so using this machine outdoors is not a problem.

5. Feature

Surface Pro X is not a machine that gives users too many breakthrough features, but the plus point of this machine is that they bring the features that users need most.

The first can be mentioned is the 4G LTE network connection feature via Nano Sim or E-Sim.

In the Vietnamese market, currently we can only connect to the network through a physical sim, and eSim currently has no carrier that supports Surface Pro X. Inserting a sim into the device is also very easy, just need Open the stand up, remove the sim tray cover and proceed to insert the sim as usual.

The second feature that I find useful on Surface Pro X is the rear 10Mpx Camera cluster, which has been upgraded quite strongly with the ability to record 4K videos and professional shooting modes like Panorama, adjust iso parameters, speed shutter speed etc….

Regarding the front camera, the manufacturer has a 5Mpx sensor that supports Video Call. In addition, some other features such as Windows Hello-face unlock are also available on the device and users do not need to enter a password to open the device, just show their face and the machine will automatically open.

6. Hardware power

It would be an extremely big omission to ignore the hardware configuration of Surface Pro X. For Surface Pro X, the hardware power of the machine comes from the combination of two giants in the technology village, Microsoft and Qualcomm to produced a "homegrown" processor with the code name SQ1 with a base clock of up to 3.0GHz. This is essentially a mobile chip designed based on the ARM architecture and customized to run applications on the new Windows operating system called Windows ARM. According to the manufacturer's announcement, this chip has 3 times more power than the Surface Pro 6 launched 2 years ago but consumes less power. In theory, if compared to the Intel chip on Pro 7 , SQ1 is stronger than Core i5 and weaker than Core i7.

The version that I have here has the most basic configuration, including SQ1 processor, Adreno 685 integrated GPU, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of removable memory.

With Surface Pro X, the manufacturer gives them 3 memory options 128-256-512GB with 8 or 16GB Ram capacity. The starting price for the lowest configuration version starts at $ 999 and does not include the Signature Keyboard

7. Practical experience

As for the actual experience, the Surface Pro X gives us certain impressions. The first is that during use, the machine does not get hot even though there is no heatsink slot. Is the SQ1 chip optimized to do what the Intel Chip has never been able to do? For basic office tasks such as surfing the web, editing documents, Surface Pro X runs like a supercar on the AutoBahn highway.


Secondly, the CPU performance of Pro X is very respectable, in fact, I tested the CPU of the machine through the GeekBench scoring software, the SQ1 chip gave single-core and multi-core scores of 720 and 2620 points, respectively. This number is equivalent to the performance of the i5 8259U chip on the 13 Macbook Pro 2018, in fact, the CPU score of the MacBook Pro 13 2018 is 772 single-core points and 2762 multi-core points. However, on SQ1, the Adreno 685 GPU is not a plus because it does not support OpenGL, which means that the ability to handle 3D graphics tasks on Windows will be worse than the intel chip, in return for downloaded Apps. From the Store that supports ARM 64 platform, it runs the ferry.

With some mobile games I downloaded from the Store, Pro X runs as smoothly as an iPad Pro, simply because they are based on the ARM architecture developed and customized by Qualcomm.

Experimenting with the game Angry Bird 2, Pro X plays as smooth as an iPhone 11, without Drop frames or lag. During the game, the machine did not overheat, the back cover on the side of the SQ1 chip only warmed up a bit.

8. Battery Life

Although Microsoft has not announced the actual battery capacity of the Pro X, but only announced the use time of up to 13 hours, however, some leading technology sites have dissected this machine and found that it has a large battery. 38Wh capacity. With experience during the past time, the average usage time falls into about 8 hours of continuous work with office tasks, surfing the web or watching movies. On average, every 1 hour the machine will drop about 10-12 %.

About the battery of the device, we do not need to worry because besides that, Microsoft has also equipped fast charging technology with a standard 65W charger. Thereby, just 1 hour of charging you will have 80% battery and fully charge this device in less than 2 hours.


With a laptop-tablet hybrid, Surface Pro X is a machine worth our attention and ownership because of its modern, futuristic design. Accompanied by a powerful mobile processor SQ1 promises to bring many new things in the future with the ability to connect to 4G networks via physical sim.

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